Trust Wallet is the official free Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Using Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is recommended for interacting with dapps on mobile phones. Benefit from having the convenience and power of DeFi with you at all times!

Download the app and then set up your wallet. Once it is running on your phone, you'll need to add assets to it by withdrawing from Binance. Copy your wallet address and withdraw to BEP2 or BEP20 from Binance. We don’t recommend using the Trust wallet to buy crypto. It costs 7% more with tons of slippage. Buying directly from Binance is a cheaper and better option. See the crypto assets available for use on the main page:

Enabling Dapp Browser iOS only

As of writing this article, you may need to manually enable all of the Binance Smart Chain functionality. On Android the Dapp browser is automatically enabled. On iOS, you need to turn it on in the following way:

ON iOS ONLY, to get into DeFi visit the following address in your browser: trust://browser_enable

Enabling Dapp Browser iOS only

US residents need to use the Trust Wallet app to move funds onto BSC, as the Binance Bridge is not available to US residents. You must go from Binance, to Binance Chain Network, to Binance Smart Chain Network in that order. The fees for transferring this way are only a few hundredths of a BNB.

Contract interactions will be via a prompt in the wallet

Approving contract interactions

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