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Money Printers Go Brrr - Stablecoin Report - March 19 2021

The top 5 stablecoins added $2.4 billion in market capitalization in the last 7 days. The total crypto market cap increased by $24 billion in the same time frame. Tether was the largest money printer. The least growth came in Binance USD, which even saw some shrinkage but recovered value by the end of the week.

Important developments this week: Continued growth in stablecoin market caps is expected ahead. DAI and MakerDAO are holding a vote to increase the debt cap from 3 billion to 15 billion on the ETH vault and from 350 to 750 million on the WBTC vault. DAI is created from locked up crypto collateral including ETH and WBTC. Terra (UST) CEO Do Kwon stated his desire to eventually increase the UST market cap to 10 billion dollars. UST is created from collateralized LUNA tokens.

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BSC Gateway Stablecoin Leaderboard

SymbolNameMarket Cap1 Week ChangeCurrent Price1 Year Low1 Year HighRecommendation
SymbolNameMarket Cap1 Week ChangeCurrent Price1 Year Low1 Year HighRecommendation
USDTTether USD39.20 billion+1.275B0.99930.9811.01Use With Caution
USDCUSD Coin9.95 billion+655M1.000.981.01Safe
BUSDBinance USD3.20 billion+12M1.000.9071.15Safe
DAIMulti-Collateral DAI2.86 billion+152M1.000.991.04Safe
USTTerra USD1.28 billion+332M1.000.9281.09Use with Caution
VAIVai145 million-15M.900.57921.20Avoid
BDObDollar67 million+17M1.120.796314.70Avoid
DittoDitto6 million-1M0.98650.4392.88Avoid
QUSDQian USD1 million?